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I'm Britt, a Full-Stack JavaScript, C#.NET & React developer interested in creating beautiful design, following best practices and learning new things.

Featured Projects

Smart Shopper

smart shopper project image

A smart shopping application to help you keep track of which items you buy the most and which items you may need to pick up on your next trip to the grocery store. Responsive and accessible. Created with ReactJS, Firebase and MaterialUI and deployed with Netlify.


melodious project image

An interactive keyboard application that allows users to switch between free-play mode where they can play the keyboard and create images on the canvas or learn-melody mode where they can follow along to play a melody. Created with JavaScript, Sass, Webpack, MIDI.js and the Sketch.io API


pet friendly project image

An application to help take the stress out of traveling with your pets. Enter your destination into the search bar to find pet friendly shops, restaurants and hotels. Created with React, Redux, Firebase-Firestore and the Google Maps API.

Safer Spaces

safer spaces project image

A place to report incidences of harrasment in the community to help create safer spaces for all. Created with C#, MVC ASP.NET Core, RESTful routing and the Google Places API.

Pig Dice

pig dice project image

A fun game of chance where you roll the dice to rack up points! Play against yourself or with a friend. Created with object oriented JavaScript and jQuery and styled with CSS.

About Me

I really enjoy languages, and not just programming ones. I've studied Japanese, Chinese and Arabic, though my main focus was Japanese. From 2010 to 2011 I lived in Izumo, Japan and ate as much Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima-style for life) and Tonkotsu ramen as I could get my hands on! I've live in Milwaukie, OR. with my husband and our pup Gemma for 2 years, but my heart will forever be split between Japan and Bellingham, WA. where I have many dear friends and fond memories. I've worked in education and health care, but found my ultimate calling with development.

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